Meet Dr. Eyman

Dr. Eyman and his staff have been providing exceptional chiropractic care for patients in Mt. Vernon since 1987.

Prior to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Eyman served in the military and attended three universities.

In 1972, after a year of study at Ohio University, Dr. Eyman enlisted in the military in, serving as a U.S. Naval medical corpsman with the U.S. Marine Corps. When he was honorably discharged in 1976, he attended The Ohio State University, studying pre-med and pre-chiropractic. Dr. Eyman then studied at Palmer College of Chiropractic for four years, graduating with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1981. Dr. Eyman joined his father-in-law’s Delaware OH practice before opening his own office in Centerburg OH. In 1987, Dr. Eyman moved his practice to Mr. Vernon.

Community involvement is a high priority with Dr. Eyman, who is active in his church and the Sunbury chapter of the Lions Club and is the Chairman of the Eastern Delaware County Joint Recreation District. He also provides physicals for high school athletes and scoliosis exams at the middle school.


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